Know What to Do if a Loved One Cannot Manage Their Own Affairs

by | May 29, 2017 | Lawyers

It can be difficult for anyone that has a loved one that has lost their mental capacity to handle their own affairs. You will be restricted on the type of financial decisions that you can make for them. Especially, after they have passed away if the individual does not have a will set up problems can occur. It can risk their property not being distributed to the beneficiaries that you know the person wanted to receive their possessions. A firm that offers wills & probation in West London can help you apply for Court of Protection order that will allow a person to be administered to make these decisions for the individual.

How to a Solicitor Can Help You Protect a Loved One’s Property

In cases where a will has not been established, the property will be allocated out per the default system. This can lead to disagreements between family members and prevent the property from being distributed to the individual intended the possessions to go to. In addition, the system will not recognize certain family members such as young children that the person may intend to inherit a bulk of their assets. Wills & Probate in West London can allow you or another trusted individual to make these decisions for the loved one to help execute their property upon their death.

Avoid Messy Family Arguments by Consulting with a Solicitor Today

Since 1946, Benson Mazure LLP has been assisting their clients will making the legal and financial decisions they need to make. They work individually with their clients to provide them with the personal service that they require. One of their skilled solicitors will review your property and advise you on the options that you have available to you. They strive to find the right solution that will benefit you and your loved ones financially.

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