Know Your Employment Rights When Planning for a Baby

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Law Services

Whether you are already pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, understanding maternity and paternity leave can be extremely useful in easing some of the stress and worry that is involved when you are anticipating a new member of your family. Potential parents would find it extremely beneficial to educate themselves on when and how to claim their benefits, as maternity and paternity rights have undergone significant changes in recent times. Even if you are planning on adopting a child there are rules and regulations in place that both the Mother and Father should keep in mind while getting ready to take time off in order tend to their growing family.

Differences in Maternity and Paternity Leave

Though both mother and father are eligible for maternity and paternity leave, there are significant differences in what each parent is eligible for. For example, maternity leave can last up to a full fifty-two weeks, whereas paternity leave can last anywhere from one to two weeks. There are also benefits in place for both maternity and paternity leave that apply to both the mother and the father, like their right to pay raises during leave, the right to accrue holiday time, and of course the right to return to work. While this may seem like an abundance of information, it is truly only skimming the surface. The best way to find out exactly what you are eligible for is to enlist the help of employment law solicitors in your area.

Ask a Professional about Your Rights

By law all employees have rights in regards to maternity, paternity, and adoption leave. In some cases expectant mothers may also be eligible for paid time off that includes antenatal care. If you are looking for assistance in understanding your rights as an employee, contact employment solicitors in Portsmouth for a legal consultation today. These experts can assist you in achieving a positive maternity or paternity leave experience for your family. Click here for more details.

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