Make a great investment by adding a conservatory onto your home

Posted By admin on Jan 6, 2016 |

Make a great investment by adding a conservatory onto your home

There are few things that are a greater investment in your home than adding on a conservatory. Not only does this addition provide much more space for your home, it also lets in loads of light and allows you to virtually live in the garden no what the weather. If you own a home in Maidstone and are looking for a company that builds conservatories, you will want to pick one that specialises in these types of structures as there are many different considerations to discuss. For example, there are many conservatory designs available and you would want to choose one that blends in well with the style of your home. Making this type of addition requires opening up the back or front of your home and this means there will be important structural alterations being made. As a result, you will be bound by planning regulations, so it’s good to partner with a company that is accustomed to this paperwork.

What type of conservatory to choose?

There are a wide variety of conservatories that you could choose in Maidstone, and it would be best to decide what the purpose of this extra room will be. Many people are looking to increase the size of their kitchen and to have this open onto an informal dining area. If it’s an open-plan living area you’re after, then you will need uninterrupted access to the conservatory rather than entering through a single door.

Conservatories can be classified under either Victorian or Edwardian styles and can even have Gothic arch details in the windows. Some have tiled roofs, while others want to make maximum use of light and the roof and walls are of glass. Particularly if a glass roof is what you’re after, it will be necessary to ensure that the roof can withstand extreme weather – snow in particular. If the company is based in Maidstone, designers will be familiar with the weather patterns and will ensure that every precaution is taken to provide stable roofing. Visit here for more information.

If you have an older property you may elect to build a lean-to, which describes well the way the conservatory is positioned against a wall of your home. On the other hand, you may decide to have either full-height glass walls or dwarf walls with a steeply pitched roof. Another variation is known as an orangery (for the reasons that the room was used to cultivate deciduous trees). This structure consists of solid walls which have glass panels and doors inset into them, as well as a glass roof. No matter what you choose, this new addition will bring light and a modern space into your home.

Conservatories in Maidstone add space, light and value to your home. Contact Deaves & Company Home Improvements in Maidstone to handle the project. They have years of experience.