Material used to make Garage Doors

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Material used to make Garage Doors

Did you know that you can increase the value of your home by replacing your garage door? A garage door compliments the theme of the house. There are four main types of garage doors;

* Slide to side

* Swing out

* Roll up

* Swing up

The style you chose is determined by the space available in the entryway and around the ceilings. Apart from choosing the style, you need to choose the material of the garage doors in Bridgend. Consider your budget and lifestyle as you choose the material for the garage door.

Some of the common garage door materials include;

* Vinyl – They are a choice for many as they rarely dent or break. Vinyl is constructed in a similar way to fiberglass but it is stronger.

* Steel – The garage door requires less maintenance compared to wooden doors. If you want the door to be strong, use two layers of galvanized steel of at least 24 or 25 gauge. Unfortunately, steel is prone to dents and rust but you can buy a steel door with a fiberglass overlay as it is resistant to dents and rust.

* Fiberglass – It is good if you want to mimic any material as fiberglass is malleable. The material is not good for cold places as it yellows and then eventually breaks.

* Wood and wood composite – The material is good for double garage doors. It is natural, authentic, beautiful, and easy to customize. The doors need constant refurbishing to ensure they maintain their appeal and lustre. You can get the doors at different prices according to your budget.

* Aluminium – If you want an extra wide garage door, then buy an aluminium door as it is light in weight. New versions of aluminium doors are heavier and some are dent resistant. Quality aluminium garage door in Bridgend has a steep price tag but it is worth the service it offers you.

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