Reasons to Alter a Will

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Law Services

Did you know that you can change your Will after you have drafted it? Unseen and unplanned circumstances can lead you to want to revise your will. Some of the common events that lead people to alter their wills include;

* New children, friends, or relatives – Some people draft their Wills when they are young before they get any child or before they get many children. When their children increase, they may want to alter their Will to ensure that all children get a fair share of their inheritance. Some people revise their will to allow other relatives and friends to inherit part of their property when they die.

* Divorce – Most people do not want their exes to inherit anything from them after their death especially if the divorce happens after drafting the Will. Talk to your attorney about how to revise Wills in Reading so that your ex does not inherit anything. The attorney will also guide you on how to make sure that if your ex contests the Will, they will have zero chances of success.

* Moving – Different states have different laws on property and estate tax. Talk to an attorney if you move to a new state after you have drafted your Will to make sure your dying wishes are in line with the law of your resident state.

 * When you receive an unexpected large sum of money – Depending on the value of the money received, you may want to alter your Will to include the money. You need to talk to an attorney to guide on the way forward so that if the money will have tax implications, you can find a legal strategy to reduce the taxes.

A good attorney can help you to draft a legally acceptable Will in Reading and can guide you when you need to revise it. Are you looking for experienced, knowledgeable attorneys to help you draft your will or revise it? Contact Harrisons Solicitors today.

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