Most Popular Wood for Fencing

by | May 29, 2017 | Fencing

There are many options available for your fencing needs. Whether you want a fence to surround your small backyard vegetable garden, or the entire perimeter of your property, the material you choose for your fence needs careful consideration. If you’ve decided on wood, there are several choices you can make for both looks and durability. Fencing supplies in Haslemere and other areas will have a vast selection of products.

Here are the most common wood types for fencing:

* Cedar: Most people agree that cedar is among the most aesthetically pleasing wood, and has a pleasant smell that fills the air. This aromatic oil is a natural deterrent to pests. It is also among the most expensive, so if you plan on going with cedar, make sure you budget for it.

* Pine: This falls under the category of pressure treated wood, and is both economical and durable. It is often treated with a chemical that helps deter pests, as well as rot.

* Redwood: This is considered to be one of the best quality materials for fences, and is also the most expensive. It is insect and rot resistant, durable and attractive. If you don’t have a large budget but still want to incorporate redwood into your fence, consider using lower-grade wood for the fence posts, while using redwood for the panels.

* Spruce: This is often used to create picket or prefabricated fences. It is economical and durable and is a popular choice for many homeowners.

No matter what type of wood you choose for your fence, maintenance will be key to making it last for years to come. Consider staining and weatherproofing your fence at least once every couple of years to keep it looking fresh and new. Fencing supplies in Haslemere will carry everything you need to build your fence and keep it well maintained. Visit site for more information on fencing supplies.

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