Top Signs You May Need to Replace Your Fence

Posted By admin on May 29, 2017 |

Top Signs You May Need to Replace Your Fence

Nothing lasts forever, and your fence is no exception. Even with proper maintenance and care, there will come a time when replacing it becomes necessary. Luckily, fencing supplies in Guildford and other areas across the country give you the selection you need. Here are some of the top signs that your fence needs to be replaced, rather than just repaired:

Missing Fasteners

Chances are your fence is held together by a variety of screws, metal fasteners, and nails meant to securely hold the fence boards and posts in place. Over time, these fasteners can loosen and fall out due to weather conditions like cold, wind and heat. When you inspect your fence, check to make sure that all nails and fasteners are in place.

Loose connections

Nails and screws can become loose over time. This is due to several factors, one of them being that the wood retracts with heat, moisture and cold. Rot can cause the wood to split and crack, loosening the hold of the screws and nails.

Wood rot

Damp, rainy weather can cause woot rot over time and there is nothing that can be done to fix this; it must be replaced. To prevent this as long as possible, apply a stain or weatherproofing layer on your fence. Eventually, though, rot is bound to set in, making replacement necessary.

Cracked or broken boards

Moisture and heat can cause the boards to crack or break, even with regular staining and weatherproofing. While you can replace one board at a time as they crack or break, eventually you’re going to have to replace the entire fence.

When it comes time to replace your fence, visit a store that specializes in fencing supplies in Guildford or your local area. Speak with a qualified representative to discuss the best options for your fence. Go to website for more details.