New Oil Boilers in Newport Can Improve Your Carbon Footprint

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Plumbing

The new oil boilers in Newport use a reduced amount of fuel to do the same job as the older models. Reducing you and your household’s carbon footprint can mean having a new boiler installed. Older models lack the ability to efficiently use energy. They can consume large amounts of fuel which is of course costly and a threat to the environment. Doing your part by switching out your boiler can make a difference to the environment.

The Facts

There are a few facts that should help you to make the right choice about whether or not you want to go another season with your old boiler:

* 30% of the cost of the fuel that you are using in a boiler that is 10 years or older is wasted. Older boilers can waste about 30% of the fuel that they consume. That can really add up in costs and in wasted energy.

* There are carbon initiatives that may be able to offset some of the cost of having a new boiler installed.

* Newer systems burn fuel cleaner.

* Everyone can do their part to use energy wisely.

You are literally burning money when you have an older system that is using outdated technology and more importantly you are putting undue strain on natural resources. If everyone would change to a new system that is meant to conserve energy it would alleviate a great deal of stress that is put on the environment. You can click here to learn more.

Call for Information

If you are on the fence and not sure you want to invest into a new boiler call and speak with an expert that can give you more information. Making the call does not commit you to a purchase and it can provide you with detailed information about how you can reduce your household’s effect on the environment.

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