Become mobile again in your home

Posted By admin on Jun 27, 2016 |

Become mobile again in your home

In most of the United Kingdom the design of houses was to have numerous different levels, which means that there are staircases in many people’s home. Ask a person who is disabled or infirm what their greatest enemy is and they’ll usually tell you that it’s just one step. When you cannot climb up and down stairs easily, being faced with a staircase on a daily basis can be a real challenge. For some, they feel that their only option is to leave their homes and move to one that’s all on the same level. Others find that they remain on one level or another – usually in their bedrooms. It’s a really sad situation when stairs in a home rob a person of their independence. However, access can be easily restored if a stairlift is installed.

Choosing a stairlift for your Exeter home

Having a stairlift installed used to be considered a luxury and only for the affluent. However, with the increase in companies providing this service, and with the many models available, there is now a stairlift for most budgets. While the type of chairs offered many years ago were fairly rudimentary, technology today has made excellent advances and you will not only be guaranteed safe transportation on a stairlift, but also extreme comfort. Every detail has been thought of, including a start and stop function that is ‘soft’ and glides slowly at the beginning and end of the ride rather than jolting you in the chair. You can visit here to get more information.

Installing a stairlift

Almost every staircase will be suitable for installation of a stairlift, even if it’s very narrow. Stairlifts operate on rails that are usually attached to the tread of the stairs and are placed against the wall for safety. In some situations modifications may be necessary, but usually it’s fairly straightforward, with only a nearby plug for power being necessary. Expert companies, such as A2B Stairlifts Ltd will be able to visit your home and advise you as to the best solution for you.