Conducting a drain survey on a new home could save you money

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Plumber

Few things can make a homeowner more miserable than a blocked drain or a problem with the sewer. Of all the things that can go wrong in a home, this is one that causes the most discomfort and disrupts all the normal functions of a home. When you either can’t use the bath or shower, the toilet is blocked, or the water won’t run out of the sink or the washing machine, it’s time to call for help urgently. Most often the blockage is caused by something that has been put down the toilet or drain that shouldn’t have been there, but sometimes it’s a problem that has nothing to do with you, and has been years in the making. This is when having a drain survey conducted is essential.

Conducting a drain survey

When you purchase a new home it is obviously an expensive exercise. Most people like to have surveys done in advance so that they know exactly what they’re buying. Structural surveys will give you an idea of any faults in the building, and those involved in the conveyancing should warn you of any problems with the boundaries or with surrounding properties. However, with ever-present litigation, inspectors make it clear that they can’t be held liable for problems that they can’t see which is why many exclude drains from their reports. Thus, if you want to make sure that there is no problem with the drains, you may well consider organizing drain surveys for your new home in Bournemouth. You can visit here to get more information.

Modern methods of surveying

Having your drains inspected used to be something that people avoided because of the mess and disruption it caused. As pipes are invariably buried, a proper inspection usually involved digging up part of your garden or the road. Fortunately, modern technology has made the whole process much simpler. A CCTV survey is available where a camera is moved through the pipes and a full inspection of the condition of the sewage and drainage system in your home can be clearly presented to you. It is also worth remembering that it isn’t only older homes that have problems; newer houses sometimes are also found to have drainage that has been badly laid.

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