New technology makes drain surveys non-invasive

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Plumber

If you are about to purchase a property and are conducting numerous surveys on the structure, it’s a good idea to include a drain survey as well. Sometimes an engineer will recommend this but, if not, you are advised to arrange it yourself. It’s important to remember that most of a drainage system is underground so is hidden from view. However, fixing problems with drains is expensive, so it’s valuable to know if advance exactly what you’re buying. If you are having drain problems in an existing home, the same would apply, and only a proper survey will let you know exactly what the condition of your drains is.

Arranging for drain surveys in Poole

Most people’s hearts sink when they suspect that they have sewer or drainage problems for the very reason that the pipes are hard to get to. However, many companies now use CCTV for their drain survey requirement which eliminates the need for digging up your garden or road. The CCTV survey is completely non-intrusive as the camera can be threaded through the pipes and you’ll quickly be able to see whether there are any cracks or obstructions, or damaged joints. Once a problem has been identified, the engineer will be able to tell you what needs to be done to repair it, and will be able to give you a quotation. Click here to know more.

CCTV surveys will give you peace of mind

With this type of survey you will be able to see inside your drains yourself. One of the most typical problems that cause sewage blockages or a drain back-up is the roots of trees. Over time, tree roots penetrate pipes and, as the roots grow, the blockage becomes more serious. The CCTV survey will be able to establish exactly where the problem is, and the tree can either be removed or the roots cut away. If the pipe has collapsed, the engineers will know exactly where to dig to fix the problem. If there’s a blockage because of something that you or your children have put into the system, the problem will again be visible, and the solution made much easier to resolve.

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