Prestige Vehicle Hire in London – What Advanced Technology Should You Be Looking for?

Posted By admin on Nov 23, 2016 |

Prestige Vehicle Hire in London – What Advanced Technology Should You Be Looking for?

Millions of people around the United Kingdom choose to travel by car. After all, it offers a whole lot more freedom than public transport. Eliminating the need to check bus timetables and pay expensive taxi fares, a car can offer convenience like no other. If you want your ride to represent your personality, refrain from making a buying decision by first paying for prestige vehicle hire in London. Renting ahead of buying could aid you in making your investment choice, not to mention give you the opportunity to cruise around in a motor that is equipped with the latest technology. Interior features are advancing at a rapid rate, so know what to look for in advanced technology with the following advice.

Automatic High-Beam Control

A wider field of vision can be enjoyed when you drive a car with automatic high-beam control. This type of advanced lighting will also come in handy during foggy or wet conditions, because the strong beams of light will illuminate the path ahead. What’s more, it will add to the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, particularly if the lights are designed in a wraparound style.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Do you tend to get lost when you embark on long road trips? If so, GPS vehicle tracking with prestige vehicle hire in London could cut the journey short and help you to avoid traffic. Accurate and convenient, a GPS tracking system will take you on the easiest route and will direct you with speech or with a real-time tracking screen.

In-Vehicle Internet

There are many uses for in-vehicle Internet, such as making phone calls with a hands-free kit whilst driving prestige vehicle hire in London, accessing social media when you’re parked up, making restaurant reservations via an online booking system, streaming your favourite music and downloading maps, among many other things. View website for car rental in london.