Reasons To Consider A Range Rover Evoque Car Hire In London, UK

Posted By admin on Nov 24, 2016 |

Reasons To Consider A Range Rover Evoque Car Hire In London, UK

When most people consider car hire in London, UK, they’re focused on getting from one point to another, usually from airports to accommodations and back again. While it may not be important to you, it may be better to consider a luxury vehicle, such as the Range Rover Evoque, for a variety of reasons.


Primarily, the Range Rover Evoque is extremely popular because of its design. Over 400,000 of these vehicles have been produced since its inception in 2011 because it’s a sleek and sporty SUV that has a great on-road presence.


The inside of the vehicle is refined and well-equipped with all the features you want. You’ll find leather seating, elevated driving options for any size driver and space in the back for adults, which can be hard to find in smaller vehicles.


Car hire in London, UK means that you get to drive cars with the latest technology. Places like City Interrent work hard to produce a multitude of newer vehicles that can be rented for a day, week or longer, depending on your needs. You’ll find touch-screen infotainment centres (similar to Smartphones) and even applications like a Smartphone.


Fuel economy is something to consider, and the Range Rover Evoque can get as much as 68 mpg, impressive for any larger vehicle. Because the SUV is compact in size, it can get better fuel economy. Likewise, it has low CO2 emissions and quiet engines, which makes it a comfortable vehicle that’s safer for the environment.


The best thing about a car hire in London, UK, is that you will enjoy driving such a luxurious vehicle. The Range Rover Evoque is well-balanced and handles well on curves. Likewise, it offers accurate steering, as well. Click here to hire Range Rover Evoque in London.