Reasons To Consider Chairlifts In Guildford

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Health

As you age, you are likely to notice that it takes longer to do certain things, and you have to be more careful about your foot placement and where you go. However, when you start to notice that you avoid the staircases in your home, you may have a problem. This used to mean moving to a different house in old age or going to a nursing home, which can be stressful, traumatic and expensive. Instead, you may want to consider the various chairlifts in Guildford that could help. You’ll sit in a comfortable chair, turn on the motor, and glide up to the next floor, making it an effortless journey that is safer.


Being independent for most of your adult life, you probably find it embarrassing to ask for help. Thinking back on all the many years you went up and down stairs may now seem impossible to imagine because you probably feel stuck on the ground floor. Instead of feeling embarrassed or self-conscious, you can use a chairlift to get you safely up and down the stairs whenever you need to. You should contact Bentley Mobility Services for further details.


Your home is a special place and deservedly so. You may have raised your children there, had your first evening as a married couple and many more memorable things. It isn’t fair to think that just because you can’t walk as well as you used to, you now have to move. With a chairlift, you’ll still be able to live in your home without doing too much to change it.


Obstacles such as a simple flight of stairs may now cause undue duress and may require you to ask a family member for help. Your family may worry about your ability to live on your own because of the fall risk. Instead, consider chairlifts in Guildford, which will allow for a safer way to get up and down the stairs.

Regain Mobility

Whether you are older or have recently suffered an accident that makes it difficult to move, a chairlift can restore your mobility. You won’t need to hire a nurse or move somewhere else temporarily because you’ll still be able to go up and down the stairs. They aren’t unsightly and can stay there until you need them again.

Quality of Life

Instead of avoiding the upstairs or downstairs rooms because they are too hard to manage, consider a chairlift, which will allow you the quality of life you are used to.

Chairlifts in Guildford are helping many people regain mobility and be safer while living in their homes. visit us website page.

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