Safety With Scaffolding

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Tools and Equipments

When working with specialist scaffolding in Edinburgh or anywhere in the UK, safety must be a top priority. It all starts with a complete safety check that can be made in order minimise any risks. Some of the things to look out for include:


* Is the scaffold set up according to guidelines securely founded on level ground?

* If the scaffold is on wheels, are they firmly locked in place?

* Any scaffolding should never be loaded to its listed maximum load bearing limits.

* Toe boards and guardrails has to be present on all open sized to prevent slips and falls.

* All scaffolding sections have to be firmly attached to the framework.

* All scaffolding must be inspected thoroughly before anyone gets on and uses it.

Additional Checks

* If the scaffolding is at a height over a story tall, fall protection must be supplied and used at all times.

* Tall scaffolds need to be set up with handrails to prevent loss of balance and falling.

* Anyone working in or around scaffolding that is actively being use must wear a heard hat.

* Scaffolding needs to be cleared off when not in use- equipment should not be stored on the scaffolding.

* Do not use scaffolding during bad weather such as high winds, rain, heavy snow, or approaching storms.

* No employee should be allowed to stand on a scaffold platform while the scaffold is being moved.

While these are only guidelines they are a good starting point to ensure you and your workers stay safe while working on and around scaffolding. Be sure to check with laws and regulations to make sure you are in compliance with all codes and laws. For specialist scaffolding in Edinburgh, call Check-It Scaffold Services today and let them show you the difference quality scaffolding can make for your project!

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