Sleek, Stylish, Functional-Vertical Blinds in Glasgow

Posted By admin on Mar 3, 2017 |

Sleek, Stylish, Functional-Vertical Blinds in Glasgow

Vertical blind in Glasgow have long been a favourite for both businesses and home. They offer a stylish functional look to any room but are often favoured for patio doors, large windows and anywhere a little extra styling is needed. Vertical blinds in Glasgow like other types of blinds can be tightly closed to keep the light out or opened varying degrees to let the light in. They offer a great deal of lighting control, and they look great!

Wide Expanses and Doors

Vertical blinds are great for wide window’s and patio doors because they can easily slide to the side out of the way. They are a great option for window with a view that you want to be able to cover on occasion. The ease with which you can either cover up the window or door and uncover it makes vertical blinds an excellent option. They also offer:

* A sleek profile

* An opportunity to add some custom colour to your space

* Add a layer of insulation

Vertical blinds offer a nice sleek profile. They lay flat when they are opened, and slide right out of the way when you want access to the window or the door.

You can choose from a wide range of colours from earth tones to steely greys and every colour in between.


If you have patio doors or wide frame windows and you do not have them covered up you are losing energy. Windows and doors are one of the key areas where heat and cold come in. Vertical blinds can keep the chill out and the heat of the sun out. They offer an added layer of insulation to your windows and doors that can be energy saving.

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