Sustainable Uses for Concrete in Leeds and Why It Is Beneficial

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Sustainable Uses for Concrete in Leeds and Why It Is Beneficial

Do you want the building or structure you are working on to stand the test of time, but don’t want to spend too much on building materials? If so, concrete in Leeds is a good choice. For many years, concrete has been used for commercial and domestic building projects around the globe. The artificial stone-like material can be used for a variety of structural jobs and the benefits are widespread. Fire-resistant, it offers good sound insulation, is durable and controls vibrations well. Make a sustainable choice for your next project by learning more about concrete and the advantages associated with the mixture.

Buildings, Bridges and Tunnels

In most cases, concrete in Leeds will be chosen for the construction of buildings, bridges and tunnels. These structures will usually be built in public places, therefore it is absolutely essential that they are strong and do not crack or crumble over time. The mixture will harden by hydration once water is added and the aggregates being added will depend on the structural purpose, with gravel, pebble and brick chips being the most popular choices. When these ingredients are readily available, concrete is a very eco-friendly choice.

Runways and Roads

Think about all of the traffic that runways and roads face – it is a lot! So hardwearing is concrete in Leeds that it can be used to create runways and roads. Over time it get stronger unlike other building materials, which tend to get weaker. Insects, rodents, wind and water will come into contact with the surface on a regular basis, but the good thing is that concrete will not corrode. No matter how straight or curvy the runway or road being built is, concrete can be moulded into pretty much any shape. Click here to get more details.

Fire-Resistant Structures

Non-combustible, concrete in Leeds can withstand some of the hottest temperatures. Fire-safe, it prevents fire spread and gives off low CO2 emissions. Compact and non-porous, concrete’s poor thermal conductivity makes it a perfect building material for fire-resistant structures and means that it is very robust. Its reflective qualities make it appealing for roads and runways, due to the fact it absorbs less heat. This is referred to as the “albedo effect” and it ultimately reduces the need for air conditioning, which is referred to as the “urban heat island” effect.

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