Add Value and Style to the Home with Stained Glass Fitted by Glaziers in Berkshire

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Home Improvement

How does your home look from the outside? Does it reflect your personality? If not, or if you are a business owner who wants to have competitive advantage over other businesses in the same field, think about investing in stained glass services. Also known as coloured glass, stained glass can be installed by glaziers in Berkshire in no time at all! This unique type of glass was first displayed inside churches in 400 AD and has since gained widespread popularity around the globe., Read on to learn more about glasswork of this kind.

What is Stained Glass and How is it Made?

Stained glass is a type of glass that most glaziers in Berkshire will handle on a regular basis. In medieval times it was favoured for use on churches and it is still the glass of choice for churches today. Considered a form of artwork by many, it is a vibrant choice for displaying scenes from the Bible. Nowadays, it is also used to decorate homes and businesses. When light passes through the glass, which is reinforced and coloured with metallic salts, it casts a subtle glow over the interior of a property. Good engineering skills are essential for the manufacturing of stained glass, so make sure glaziers are experienced before working with them.

Types of Glass Used

A wide range of glass types are carefully selected for stained glass projects. Antique is a popular choice and is available in a full mouth blown antique style, scribed antique style and blown antique style. Beginner glaziers may find it easier to cut cathedral glass, which is manufactured with a single sheet. If you want your windows to have a surface texture, opt for crackle glass, catspaw glass or dichroic glass, which is coated with transparent metal oxide.

How to Find a Glazier

Once you have decided that stained glass is the ideal home improvement solution for you, glaziers in Berkshire can be contacted. A glazier should maintain at least five years of experience and will hold a GQA Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Glazing (QCF). It’s not just stained glass the glazier should have experience fitting but also, a wide range of specialist projects, UPVC-framed window and door installation, and glazed unit manufacturing, to name a few services.

The glaziers in Berkshire you hire should be experienced and qualified to do the job. This is guaranteed if you work with Direct Glazing. Visit us  to get a quote for stained and patterned glass.

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