Three Reasons to Update Windows with Safety Glass in Ascot

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Home Improvement

Every decade or so, the windows on your home might need updating. Whether your windows are in need of replacing because they are out of style, are leaking air or have a crack in the panel, safety glass in Ascot is recommended. Invented by accident, safety glass was first used to make car windshields back in 1927. Manufacturing has since advanced and now, these multiple-layer panels are known for being resistant to cracks. Not quite convinced? Learn some more facts about toughened and laminated glass to feel confident with your purchase.

Careful Manufacturing Process

Safety glass should meet standards set out by the UK glass manufacturing industry. The manufacturing process alone will probably be enough to make you want to get safety glass in Ascot fitted on your property. A lot of time and care goes into manufacturing this type of glass, which is used in a variation of applications. The process involves bonding two layers (or more) of tempered glass. Snuggled in-between the panes will be a plastic interlayer, which absorbs noise and pressure so that should it break, it will not shatter into pieces. The glass will be heated to approximately 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit, before being left to harden.

Noise Reduction

Do you reside in a built-up area? If so, chances are you will deal with noise disruption on a regular basis. This can really affect day-to-day life, particularly if you live with young children or operate an office-type business. When safety glass in Ascot has been fitted by a qualified glazier, noise disruption will no longer be an issue. How, you ask? Well, this glass offers much better acoustic performance than other types of glass and what makes it all the more appealing is the fact that it is affordable. It is available in a variety of thicknesses, so shop wisely.

Solar Energy Control

In addition to the fact that toughened glass will instantly enhance the façade of big and small buildings, it is also known for contributing to reduced building running costs. Laminated for safety purposes, it could completely cancel out the need for air conditioning, meaning that you will pay less and the planet will suffer less, too. So, how exactly is solar heat radiation managed by safety glass in Ascot? Well, it happens in three stages – reflect, transmit and absorb.

The glass professionals of Direct Glazing provides talented and experienced technicians to handle all of your glass and window replacement needs in the area of Ascot.

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