The 3 Most Common Flat Roof Problems

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Roofing

A damaged flat roof is reason enough for a premises owner to be concerned. This is because a roof provides protection for property and the loved ones using or living in the premises. Some of the flat roof damages can be identified by anyone but there are cases where you need an expert to identify and fix the issues. There are three main flat roof issues.

A Leaking Roof

It is easy to identify a leaking roof in most cases. There are many causes of a leaking roof and the only way to deal with the roof is to identify the source of the leakage. Contact a professional to inspect the roof. The flat roof inspection will unearth the cause of the problem. Fixing the cause of the problem is a cost-effective strategy as it will save you money and time in future repairs.

Pooling Water

Poor flat roof drainage leads to pooling of water. If the water is left on the roof, it can drip inside the premises causing other damages. If the weight of the water becomes too heavy, it can make the roof to collapse. For you to fix the problem appropriately, you need to fix the drainage issue. An expert in flat roof repairs in Weston Super Mare will help you fix gutters and provide maintenance service.

Sheathing Problem

The roof is constantly exposed to the sun. This leads to damages in the long run as the roofing material begins to crack over time. With time, the roof will start to leak if it is not repaired. Professional roof repair experts use EPDM membrane to correct leaking flat roofs. It is a durable, flexible and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Expert in flat roof repairs understand that effective repairs mean getting to the root of the problem and rectifying it. Do not attempt to carry out DIY roof repairs, contact a professional.

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