The many benefits of double-glazing

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

If you live in North wales, having double-glazed doors and windows is a necessity if you want to have optimum comfort. This would apply to both commercial buildings and private homes. As everyone is aware, climate control is costly and the increasingly extreme patterns of weather year-round mean that heating bills are constantly increasing. If your windows and doors are single pane, the heat inside your home is constantly escaping as glass is a very good conductor of heat. What this means is that it will allow maximum heat to enter your home in the summer months, as well as letting your much needed warmth out during winter.

In the process of double-glazing, there is inert gas trapped between the two panes of glass. This gas is a poor conductor of heat, thus reversing the effects of a single-paned window. During winter, the inner pane of glass (of a double-glazed window) stays warmer, and this helps prevent the condensation that so often obscures vision during the icier months.

The cost of installing double-glazing

It is often the cost difference between single-pane and double-glazing that puts future buyers off, but the short-term expense has to be weighed against long-term savings. Research by companies has shown that the cost-cutting on heating by having this added insulation more than covers the additional installation costs. Apart from being cost-effective, double-glazing adds greatly improved comfort levels, providing a daily reason for making the decision to purchase these doors and windows. You can visit here to get more details.

Benefits of double glazing

If you live in a part of North Wales that is built-up and where there are noisy roads and close-by neighbours, double-glazed windows will be a great boon in that they are excellent at cutting out noise. The difference between having two versus one pane of glass between you and exterior sound is not just a double reduction, but an exponential change. Further, by virtue of the design of double-glazed windows and doors, the two panes need to be carefully sealed to prevent the inert gas from escaping. If your doors and windows are properly installed without gaps, that will be the end of experiencing draughts in your home.

While crime is not uppermost in mind in North Wales, incidents do occur and it stands to reason that having a double-glazed window makes access to a home or property a lot more difficult. An added advantage is that improved technology ensures that having two panes of glass does not restrict views in any way – you would not be aware that you were looking through a much thicker window. Given all the benefits, with no downsides, you would be doing your household a favour by having double-glazing installed without delay. Double-glazing can be applied to all windows and doors including casement and sash windows, tilt and turn windows, French and patio doors.

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