UK Trademark Registration – Advice About Registering, Using and Protecting Your Mark

Posted By admin on Nov 25, 2015 |

UK Trademark Registration – Advice About Registering, Using and Protecting Your Mark

Is your brand protected? If you have not yet signed up for UK trademark registration, then the answer is no! In order to trademark your brand and stop others from stealing what you consider your company’s identity, it is imperative that you have trademark rights. A trademark doesn’t just have to be a name – it could be a variety of things. For some companies it is a logo, whereas for others it might be a symbol. Words and phrases are very popular, because they stick in the mind just like visuals do. The more memorable you can make your trademark, the higher your chances of success, because no lucrative business earned their success with a forgetful brand. Never registered a trademark before? If not, the following advice will serve you well.

Being Diligent in Your Search

The key to finding a good logo, motto or name for your brand that you can protect with a UK trademark registration is a little dose of diligence. A thorough, diligent search will prevent you from paying the acquisition of a trademark, only to find out that another company owns it. If the products are dissimilar, then it may be possible to have the same trademark as another company. But on the other hand, nobody wants to miss the chance to be unique, do they? This is why you should make yourself aware of conflicting trademarks before filing a trademark application.

Benefiting Your Business

The criteria for UK trademark registration must be met when you decide how to solidify your brand. Boring, descriptive names are easy to forget, whereas non descriptive names and vivid images are not. Think about what would best reflect your business and the types of products or services you sell. Also, pay thought to the way in which  people in the domestic market will perceive your company’s newly established identity.

Common Law and Statutory Protection

Hiring a solicitor in the field of UK trademark registration can assist in the prevention of potentially expensive mistakes. Getting in touch with a lawyer will also speed up the process and reduce delays that might affect your chances of getting the brand identity you truly desire.