Three Popular Types of Access Control in Portsmouth for Businesses

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Business and Management

Keeping your employees and company assets safe will likely be two of your main goals as a business owner. Securing your business premises all starts with access control in Portsmouth. Access control systems are designed to keep threats to a minimum and will deter thieves. Once fitted, you and your employees can enjoy working in a safer environment, which will allow for a greater level of productivity. By getting the following types of access control installed, only authorised personnel will be granted access to your organisation’s premises.

Tags and Cards

Secure identity solutions can come in many forms, such as tags and cards. This is a convenient choice, particularly if a lot of people work within your organisation. Tag and card access control in Portsmouth are useful, because they can be used to identify people and objects. Even cars can be identified with these devices, which should be programmed to interpret the information that is being read. This access control is comprised of three main parts – a responder, an antenna and a reader. If you don’t want people outside of your business parking on the grounds, consult with an access control specialist about vehicular access control systems.

Push Button Release Systems

Gate automation and door entry are two ways in which push button release systems are normally used. This access control in Portsmouth works just how it sounds – a button is pushed to release a door. Affordable and available in many different styles, push button access and release systems are easy to install and are even easier to operate. Once fitted by someone with experience, the push button release casing can be customised with one of many finish options.

Video and Voice Entry Phones

It is not always possible for someone to be waiting at the door of your business ready to grant access to visitors. However, you should get some form of access control in Portsmouth to make sure nobody is entering the premises without permission. This is where video and voice entry phones come in handy. Otherwise known as an intercom, the phone offers a lot of flexibility, because it enables people outdoors and indoors to communicate with sound or video. Some alternative options include coded access keypads and LCD displays.

You can maximise security on your property with access control in Portsmouth. Call Bridger Alarms on 01962 733231 to find out why this is a leading company for CCTV and security systems. You can also visit their website at for more details.

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