The Mercedes flagship, the S-Class

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Car Hire

There is luxury car rental and then there is Mercedes Luxury rental in London. The Mercedes S-Class is the company’s flagship product, it is by far one of the most advanced vehicles available, and to top it off, luxury is included as a standard feature.

The Mercedes S-Class cars may have four doors but it is far and away different than a typical family sedan. Typical mass produced motor cars pale in comparison, the Mercedes has it hands down on all fronts; magnificent spacious interior, a powerful engine, free from any vibration or wind rush noise even at motorway speeds and absolutely beautiful and yet refined lines. This car is available from Mercedes luxury rental in London; if there was a ever a car that was made for the city and the country, for business purposes or leisure, it is the Mercedes S-Class.

If you appreciate luxury but you want to get to speed in a hurry, this vehicle offers both, it seats five adults in comfort and accelerates from zero to sixty in under 5 seconds.

The Mercedes S-Class goes from strength to strength, the vehicles predecessor held the crown for a full seven years for the best luxury car, the new model is looking to top that run as it has won this prestigious award the last two years. There is little doubt why this car continues to win prestigious awards; it is simply a wonderful place to spend time. This car has a phenomenal amount of room in the back which is all important for business people who demand Mercedes luxury rental in London. The vehicle has far more touches of class than can be mentioned here, what can be said however is that rarely has a vehicle offered such comfort and refinement.

When you arrange to rent a vehicle such as this you will be treating yourself and whoever rides with you to the ultimate in luxury. If you are a visiting business person your clients will appreciate being treated to lunch even more so when you take them to the restaurant in style. If, after a long hard year you want to treat yourself and your family to a vacation, travelling around Britain in this automobile will only add to the perfect holiday.

Once you reach the point in your life that you can afford a few luxuries, one that you should not miss is arranging for a Mercedes luxury rental in London; don’t forget to specify that you want the S400 LWB.

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