How To Get The Most Out Of Your Prestige Car Hire In The UK

Posted By admin on Nov 21, 2016 |

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Prestige Car Hire In The UK

If you’re like most, you know when it’s time to consider prestige car hire in the UK. However, you may not know what to do or what options are best, making for tough decisions to finalise the agreement. However, there are some tips to make things a little easier and more simplistic.

Don’t Prepay

Some companies allow you to prepay for gasoline, and many people take them up on it. They think it’s going to much easier and cheaper to do it this way, but the opposite could be true. Unless you’re sure you’ll return the tank bone-dry or have an incredibly early flight right before returning the vehicle, go ahead and fill it up yourself before returning it.

Check For A Station

As you’re leaving the pickup and drop-off place, look for places to refuel on the way back. That way, you won’t be driving around, wasting gasoline, looking for a fuelling station.

Upgrades or Extras

Prestige car hire in the UK often focuses on luxury vehicles, so you may not need to upgrade, and many of them won’t negotiate on that front because they’re in the business of renting luxury cars. However, they may offer a variety of extra perks for an additional charge. You should read through the policy information and pricing before deciding if any extras are needed or desired.


It is your right and responsibility to check the vehicle before driving it away. While they are responsible for ensuring that it is safe, there may be dents, dings and other cosmetic problems with the vehicle. If that’s the case, make sure it is documented through the company and possibly take pictures of the problem areas so they can’t say you created the damage and require that you pay for it. Click here for luxury car  hire in London