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by | Nov 21, 2016 | Glazing

Double glazing creates an insulating layer between two panes of window glass. Special heavy gases or normal air is used to create the insulating layer. The window works the same way as a single glazed window in that it allows light to pass through but they differ in that double-glazed windows hold a lot more heat. Most new homes have double glazed windows. Due to the benefits of double glazed windows, glazers from Guildford advise people to consider double glazed windows when replacing their windows.

Benefits of double glazed windows;

* Less external noise

* Reduced heat loss hence lower energy bills

* Reduce or remove condensation build up during cold weather

* Improve your home’s thermal comfort

Glazers from Guilford advise home owners to consider the following points when installing double glazed windows;

Frames – Look for frames with a thermal break. Frames made from an insulating material such as wood or uPVC with a resin or plastic section at the centre of aluminium joinery or frames lose less heat and are less likely to lead to condensation compared to windows with standard aluminium frames.

Spacers – The installers also use spacers made from stainless steel or plastic; using aluminium spacers increase heat loss and condensation.

Glass – Low emissivity glass allows heat and light in the room but reflects any escaping heat back to the room. Low emissivity glass lowers the heat loss by between 20-30% compared to glass without low emissivity.

Seals – Double glazed windows installers seal the joint between the frame and glazing unit to keep moisture, noise and draught from your windows.

Gas filling – It is advisable that you use inert gas such as argon as the filling between the two panes. The gas reduces heat loss by between 3-9% compared to when you fill the space with normal air.

Energy star windows – They reduce heat loss by 18% compare to aluminium framed double glazing. Glazers confirm that energy star windows make a home comfortable, drier, and warmer.

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