Advantages of Obscure Glasses

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Glazing

Obscured glass is a rolled, textured glass that provides privacy either at home or in the office. The glass can be used for decorative purposes as it contains some embedded patterns.

Why use obscure glass?

Aesthetic value – The glass can be placed in the interior or exterior part of the home. Wherever it is installed, it offers an added aesthetic value to your property.

Add onto the theme of your home – Since obscured glass in Guildford comes in many patterns embedded onto it, you can enhance the theme of your property be choosing the glass which compliments your home. The glass can also be used to introduce a new theme by using different colours or patterns of the glass.

Introducing some light – When the glass is introduced in the interior rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, they maximize the light that comes into the room. This feature is beneficial when the glasses are placed in rooms that are not well lit.

Obscure glasses come in 5 five levels of privacy. Level 1 is the most transparent while level 5 is the most obscure level. The glass from Guildford can be toughened, laminated or painted. For the glasses to reflect your personal taste, you can choose frosted, opaque, textured or patterned offering for your home or office.

There is no limitation to the place where you can install the obscured windows. Traditionally, homeowners were accustomed to installing the glasses in their bathrooms or kitchens alone but that has changed. Today, you can use the glasses anywhere in the house and can act as a strategy to upgrade your home in terms of appearance.

Obscure glasses are among the easiest way to achieve a stylish home with little effort. We are experts in anything windows and can offer sound advice and professional window installation services for you.

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