Things to consider when purchasing a solid wood door

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Things to consider when purchasing a solid wood door

If you are considering purchasing a solid wood door for your home there are several issues that you should consider in advance. Important considerations when you decide to install a solid wood door are of course the price but also the function as well as the maintenance aspect. These are issues that affect the type of exterior wood doors that are best suited to a particular homeowner.

Wood doors in Farnham can either be produced from a single, solid piece of wood, from stiles which are panels running vertically or rails which are panels which run in a horizontal direction. Solid wood doors have a tendency to shrink or swell with seasonal weather changes, wood doors constructed with stiles and rails act as reinforcement, this construction method helps considerably to reduce the effects of weather.

The material that the door is made from has a tremendous bearing on the cost. Solid hardwood is considerably more expensive than other woods which are used for doors in Farnham, however solid hardwood doors are genuinely beautiful and long lasting; they can be customised with carvings if desired. Although decorative carvings and the addition of a glass panel are beautiful, these features will increase the cost.

Solid wood doors can be used for the exterior as well as the interior of the home. If the door is going to be used on the exterior a wood which is more durable is preferred as it will be subjected to weather while an interior door will not. Another consideration is the wood; different woods have different colours and grain. Depending on whether the door will be stained or painted, this can have an effect on which wood you opt to have your doors made from.

Although wood doors in Farnham are beautiful, they are not as good at insulating as other materials such as fibreglass. This is a drawback that is offset by the fact that a wood door stands up well to variable weather and as they are solid and heavy, they are a good deterrent against unwanted entry. You can click here to get more details.

When purchasing solid wood doors in Farnham look for ones that have a topcoat finish, this will increase durability as well as preventing cracks or warping as the topcoat acts as an effective barrier against moisture penetration. A door such as this requires a minimum of maintenance. If you purchase a wood door which is unfinished you can accomplish the same by treating it with a high quality sealer.

P & P Glass offer a wide range of wood doors in Farnham. The doors are typically pre-hung in a frame and are factory finished making them low maintenance.