The different types of wood doors

by | Sep 9, 2015 | Doors and Windows

Wood is a common material for both inside and outside doors in Esher. Many homeowners who wish their home to be in a traditional style opt for wood doors. There is a very wide range of wood doors for interior and exterior use.

Exterior wood doors tend to give the home a warm and inviting look. Although this is no longer a problem, wood doors in the past were at times, problematic. As the weather changed so did the door, the door would either shrink or swell making operation difficult. As well as shrinking or swelling, exterior wood doors would often warp, changing the shape and operation forever.

Wood doors today are far less susceptible to the problems encountered with doors in the past. The wood used in the construction of the door is impregnated with material to combat weather related problems. It is still necessary to treat the door with either stain or paint but other than that, wood doors in Esher are basically maintenance free.

There are many different styles of exterior wood doors. While many doors are solid, there are many variants which use a glass panel, glass insets or sidelights. Most exterior doors that are fitted with a reasonably sized glass use a double glazed window to maintain effective insulation and reduce heat loss. You can visit here to get more details.

The glass panel in an exterior door is no different than a window, without double glazing there will be heat loss during the winter months and considerable heat transfer from the exterior to the interior during the summer. Many homeowners opt for decorative glass in their exterior wood door. The decorative effect can be etched onto the glass surface although other homeowners prefer a simpler approach which is little more than bevelled edge glass. Regardless of what approach is taken, a decorative glass panel can add considerably to the aesthetics of the home without costing a great deal.

Wood doors that are used inside the home are either solid or hollow core. Hollow core doors are considerably less expensive than solid core; however, hollow core doors are not good at controlling noise from or into the room. Many homeowners will use solid core doors on the bedrooms and hollow core doors elsewhere in the house, this makes a good compromise.

Interior wood doors do not need any protection from the elements but rarely are they left in an unfinished condition. The doors are normally painted or stained to coordinate with rest of the interior.

P & P Glass offer an extensive range of exterior wood doors in Esher. The doors are available in oak, mahogany or laminated redwood and typically are pre-hung in their own frames.

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