What are double glazed windows?

by | Sep 9, 2015 | Doors and Windows

Double glazing in Farnham consists of two glass panes installed in a common frame, between the two panes there is a gap of approximately three quarters of an inch, the gap is filled with air or an inert gas and then sealed. Before the assembly is sealed not only is the inert gas introduced, so is a drying agent that ensures there is no moisture trapped in the gap.

To work effectively doubled glazed windows must be absolutely air tight, any small leak whatsoever can quickly result in condensation forming between the glass panes. Once there is a leak in the assembly there is no possible way of repairing it, the assembly has to be removed and replaced in its entirety.

All homes are subject to heat loss to one degree or another, the greatest amount of the heat loss, as much as 80 percent is through single glass panes. When a homeowner replaces the old single glass pane windows with modern double glazing in Farnham the heat loss is reduced dramatically. The reduction in heat loss is so great that the initial cost of the double glazed windows can be amortised quite quickly as a result of the reduction in fuel needed to maintain the desired temperature. Studies show that on average a homeowner can expect to see a 10 to 12 percent reduction in the annual fuel bill.

When emissions from a home leak they are dumped into the atmosphere. With homes being responsible for about 25 percent of the world’s carbon footprint it is easy to see how double glazing in Farnham helps to reduce these emissions. Double glazing has numerous advantages, having them installed in your home cuts down on your annual fuel bill, helps the environment and helps to cut down considerably on the amount of noise entering your home. You can click here to get more details.

Double glazing also helps to secure your home. The main entry point for an intruder is a window. Single glazed windows can be broken quite easy, double glazed windows on the other hand are tough and difficult to break, usually so much so that any unwelcome intruder will give up and leave as quick in and quick out is important to these criminals.

When a home is retrofitted with double glazing in Farnham, the homeowner will not only enjoy the benefits, double glazing also adds significantly to the resale value of your home. The frames that are used can be produced in various materials such as PVC, aluminium and wood and they can be made to replicate any window style to ensure the architectural style of the home is maintained.

Double glazing in Farnham is a great way of cutting down on your fuel bill as well as increasing the value of your home. For complete information on double glazing you are invited to contact Allways Glazing Works.

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