Things to Think About Before Getting Dental Implants in Cheshire

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Health and Fitness

Do you long for the day when you can say you actually love your teeth? If so, begin improving your smile today with help from experienced dentists. So long as the dentist you visit is trained and qualified to fit dental implants in Cheshire, you can get the root of a tooth replaced. Placed into the jawbone, implants are a tried-and-tested treatment and are made to look just like natural teeth. Once the procedure has been completed and you attend regular maintenance appointments, they are sure to last for years! Before you choose a date for this cosmetic dentistry, the following factors will be considered.

Patient Health

Do you have any medical conditions that you are aware of? If so, make sure you tell the dentist who is performing dental implants in Cheshire about this. He or she must know about your overall health to ensure you don’t deal with a condition that impacts the effectiveness of implants. If you take medicine on a regular basis it’s imperative that you discuss this, too. Age will also be taken into account during the initial consultation, because elderly patients might not maintain adequate nutrition to recover properly.

Patient Habits

The success rate of dental implants on Cheshire for smokers is lower than that of non-smokers, so it might be a good idea to cut down or even quit ahead of the procedure. This is one of many patient habits that might concern the cosmetic dentist. Tooth clenching and grinding, otherwise known as bruxism, can damage the bone-implant interface. Due to excessive force, bruxism is a major cause of tooth implant failure, so don’t ignore this if it is a habit of yours. The more open you are when talking to the dentist, the wider the variety of options he or she can present you with.

Jawbone Quality

The jawbone acts as the foundation for implants, therefore the dentist will likely perform a number of thorough examinations to better determine its quality. Aside from the quality, the professional will also check the quantity to make sure there is enough bone on the surgical site. Dental x-rays, palpation and visualisation (among many other techniques) will be relied on at this stage.

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