3 Tips on Avoiding Moving Injuries

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Popular Bloggers

Most people do not understand the stress and worry that can come along with moving from one home to another. There are so many different factors that you will have to consider when trying to move the contents of your home and neglecting any of them can cost you dearly. One of the most common things that can happen during a move is injuries. There are a number of ways that you will be able to reduce the amount of injuries that can happened during a move, but you will have to pay attention. Here are a few tips on avoiding injuries when Moving House in the South Wales area.

You Need to Realise Your Limits

The first thing that you need to pay attention to when moving is the limitations that you have. In most cases, the accidents that come up during a move are from someone trying to lift too much. You need to make sure that you utilise the power of team lifting when it comes to dealing with heavy objects. The last thing that you want to do is throw your back out or have some other serious injuries due to trying to lift too much.

Keep Objects Closer to Your Body

The next thing that you need to think about when trying to reduce the amount of injury that you have during a move is the way you are carrying boxes and other objects. Studies have shown that carrying an object close to your body can eliminate the strain that you put on your back and knees. Take note of how far you have an object away from your body during transport. By paying attention to what you are doing, you will be able to avoid serious lifting injuries during your move.

Watch Your Stacking

Another very hazardous accident that can occur during a move is having boxes fall on you due to being stacked much too high. You need to make sure that you never stack the boxes that you have over three high, due to the instability that it creates. By obeying the three high rule, you will be able to eliminate the risk of this happening to you and you can stay healthy throughout your move. Be sure to talk with the moving company you are using to get some information on other techniques that you can utilize. Visit website for more information.

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