Home Removals in West Lothian

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Moving and Relocating

You’ve been thinking about a house move for a while now and you’re looking into companies that do home removals in West Lothian. Once you’ve settled in on the one you think is right for you, you contact their sales department to get a representative to come down and assess your home.

The Assessment

The assessment is a pretty straight forward process. A representative shows up at your home and does a quick walk through to get a good idea how much work it’s going to take to remove your home. The representative will be able to give you a number of recommendations in order to make your removal go smoothly. He can also determine how long it will take for the move to be complete. Once he’s finished his job he will give you a no obligation quotation for the removal service.

The Stress of Removal Day

You’re probably pretty nervous about the day you’re going to be making your move. You’ve got so much that needs to be done and you’ve been told it should all be finished before the sun goes down but you have some doubts. When the removal company finally arrives they say their hellos and then they get to work. You sit around and wait patiently for them to do their job. It’s going quickly. Your belongings are getting moved out in orderly fashion and placed onto the truck. The big furniture followed by the smaller items and then finally the packed boxes. It’s just after midday when they finish cleaning out your home and tell you that they’re ready to move everything to your new house. You go into your old home one last time to make sure they got everything and when you’re satisfied that they did you leave and head to your new home to be.

The New House

You arrive at your new home and the trucks have already started to offload your belongings. You pull up aside the curb and watch as the removal company moves the boxes into the house. Following the labels they’ve placed on them to mark which room they’ll be going to. Then they begin bringing in the smaller furniture and with some direction from yourself they begin placing them where you want them Afterwards they bring in the bigger items and soon they’re complete finished and your removal day is over. The stress of removal was eased by these fine people and you couldn’t be more thankful. Visit website for more information.

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