Three Healthy Ways to Cook with a Renovated Aga Cooker

Posted By admin on Sep 24, 2015 |

Three Healthy Ways to Cook with a Renovated Aga Cooker

Cheap food, stress and late nights are three main causes of weight gain, with one in five children aged between 10 and 11 now being reported as overweight in the UK, according to the NHS. Setting a good example for your children all starts with cooking nutritious family meals. What better way to do this than by using your renovated Aga cooker? An Aga oven that has been renovated to work and look good as new will have a number of cooking features and settings for you to choose from, including the following.


From baking cakes to making biscuits and bread, the options are endless when you use a renovated Aga cooker to bake. A food lover’s companion, this oven can be relied on to bake the perfect flan, soda bread or classic chocolate cake. Simply whisk your ingredients together and spoon or pour into an oven proof dish, before placing in the middle of the baking oven. The consistent radiant heat can be felt all around the oven, allowing you to get the best results when baking light and fluffy treats with an Aga.


Compared to conventional methods, steaming is a far better way of cooking food, whether it is meat, fish, vegetables or pasta. The steaming method locks in nutrients and goodness, so you can tuck into a fresh dish that does not lack in flavour or vitamins. The renovated Aga cooker will operate with varying levels of pressure and it is this gentle heat that makes the appliance perfect for low-fat cooking. Use the simmering oven to cook the perfect dish and watch as brightly coloured fruits and vegetables keep their colour with the steaming method.


If you want to employ the healthiest cooking method possible, roasting is a good idea. When you consider the fact that your Aga can hold a large turkey weighing up to 13 kilograms, you really won’t need any other cooking appliance for those roasted recipes. Despite the fact that some minerals, enzymes, vitamins and nutrients will be lost due to the heat of the renovated Aga cooker, roasting is a straightforward technique that is basic and can be used to make food taste and look good, without the use of fat and oil. Roasting comes as standard with a 3-oven appliance and if you invest in a 4-oven appliance, you can make use of the warming oven features, too.

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