Everything You Need To Know About Chairlifts For Your Portsmouth Home

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Medical Equipments

Many times, the elderly find it difficult to go up and down stairs, which can cause them to change their routines, limit the number of times they go up or down and more. However, chairlifts can help you feel more comfortable and safe in your Portsmouth home because they’ll allow you to stay self-sufficient and independent for years to come. There is a lot of information available, but sometimes it helps to have it all in one spot.

Who Needs It

Anyone who has trouble with their home stairs can benefit from a chairlift. However, in most cases, it is the elderly who require such help. If you have a permanent disability that makes walking difficult, you may also benefit. You shouldn’t risk falling or avoid certain areas of your home just because you can’t easily get to them.

Features Available

Most companies will offer various features or extras, which can make the transition even smoother. For example, seat depths, flip-up rails, exterior options and more can all be available. You may also find that having a particular key to operate the lift makes it safer if younger children are present. You may also find those options that can be folded up against the wall to make it less noticeable.


The benefits of such a chairlift can include independence, reducing stress and being able to stay in your home, among others. You can easily move between floors without the help of family members or nursing staff. You’ll also be able to stay in your house instead of moving to a ground-floor flat or a single-story house.


There are two primary disadvantages to chairlifts in Portsmouth, including damage and cost. If you have wooden stairs, you may notice some damage after the lift has been installed and in some cases, the railings will need to be modified or removed altogether. You may also notice that the cost is extreme though it won’t be as high as moving to a new home would be.

Things To Consider

When choosing a chairlift, it’s necessary to think about the height/weight of the individual using the lift, as well as which side of the stairs it will be on. You may also need to ensure the senior citizen can safely get up from the lift and whether you want additional safety sensors to prevent problems.

Chairlifts in Portsmouth will allow you the freedom to go up and down your stairs as you need to. Click here to learn more about their options.

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