Three Interesting Facts About Oak Flooring in Exeter

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Flooring

Does the floor in your living room, office building or retail premises look a little shabby? If so, update it by getting oak flooring in Exeter fitted! Not only is oak a durable type of hardwood but also, it is easy to care for and won’t break the bank. Back in 1863 it was first discovered as a design element and to this day it remains a popular choice for commercial and residential improvement projects. A more stable alternative to laminate flooring, oak flooring could considerably boost property value and speed up the selling process, should you be putting your property on the market. Before you pay for this rich and classy decorative feature, take the time to learn some facts.

Hardwood is Considered An Investment

Investing in a hardwood like oak is just as good an idea now as it was in the 20th century. Such a good investment is it that a lot of people put their money into the wood industry, rather than stocks and real estate. Always high in demand, hardwood never goes out of style and is hard wearing, therefore it does not need replacing as often as softwood. Just a handful of the many species of tree being grown around the world are worth investing in and the way in which the wood is produced will affect its value and quality, so shop around! Click here to get more information.

Oak is Environmentally Friendly

When you invest in oak flooring in Exeter, you will be making an environmentally friendly decision. This ethical building material absorbs Carbon Dioxide throughout its entire life growing and this means that while your oak flooring is being produced, it is cleaning the air and removing pollution from the atmosphere. When you spend money on a long-term sustainable supply of oak, your impact on our planet’s resources will be minimal. If any oak flooring panels are left over when the job has been completed, the wood can be recycled.

The Industry Boomed After World War 2

Commercial hardwood operations grew steadily following World War 2, with wood from trees and bushes being used construct bridges, buildings and furniture, among many other things. Wood products were also widely used to make fertilizer and as an energy source. Understanding a little bit of the history that surrounds oak flooring in Exeter will give you peace of mind that what you are investing in has been used and relied on for a very long time.

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