What are the common types of garage doors?

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Garage Doors

There are a number of different types and styles of garage doors in Pontypridd, they are usually differentiated in two ways; the material that they are made from and the way they open and close.

There are two ways in which garage doors open and close; they can operate overhead or they can slide. The most common garage door is the overhead design. An overhead door is fitted with rollers that run in a pair of tracks, the tracks run vertically as well as horizontally, the door lifts and stores above the floor of the garage when opened. Overhead doors rely on tension for large springs to move the door.

Sliding garage doors are somewhat similar to overhead doors as they too run on a track. The difference is a sliding door stays vertical, it simply rolls out of the way of the door opening. Although the entire door can slide in one direction as there must be considerable space the most common arrangement is two doors, each being approximately half the width of the opening, one door slides in one direction the other door slides in the opposite direction.

The most common material for garage doors is steel. Steel is extremely durable and is often the least expensive alternative. Steel doors can be primed and painted any colour, the surface can even be textured to give the appearance of wood; this makes the doors significantly more impressive when seen from the street. It is also possible to insulate a steel door and the door can be fitted with windows for natural light in the garage. Click here to know more.

Wood is another popular option for garage doors in Pontypridd. Wood does have the tendency to rot over time but this can be delayed considerably by treating the wood and maintaining it properly. With routine maintenance a wood garage door can last for many years. Although steel has advantages, wood remains a popular material for many homeowners.

A very popular door, one that allows your garage to double up by giving a great deal of storage space is a roller shutter door. This type of door is made from a series of interlocking slats that roll over a centrally located tension spring in the form of a coil. Roller shutter doors offer a number of benefits including top space saving, an extensive range of colours and finishes and they can be operated either manually or automatically.

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