A few things to know about garage door repairs

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A few things to know about garage door repairs

Your garage door is probably the single heaviest moveable thing in your home and as such a great deal of care must be exercised when undertaking garage door repairs in South Wales. Although a reasonably handy homeowner may be able to tackle some repairs, it is always best to leave this kind of work to professionals who have the skills and know-how to do the work and to do it safely.

When a garage door fails it will either be a failure of the door and door hardware or the opener. It is reasonably easy to decide where the problem lies. If you can move the door manually but it is difficult and there is a grinding noise then the problem is the door. On the other hand, if you can open and close the door manually with no problems, then you can be assured that it is the opener that has failed. It is a good idea to attempt to find where the problem lies before you call the technicians that offer garage door repairs in South Wales. Click here to get more details.

Overhead garage doors work with the assistance of springs. There is a set of tracks installed, one on each side of the door, the tracks are solidly attached to the structure. The springs help raise the door and exert some resistance when closing the door to prevent it from free falling.

The first thing that the technicians will normally do is inspect the tracks; they can quite easily become misaligned. The fasteners used for the mounting brackets must be tight. You may also find that the tracks have a build-up of dirt and debris; this can interfere with the free turning of the wheels that run in the track causing the door to bind.

The tracks must be aligned right and level with each other. The vertical section of track must be perfectly upright; the horizontal tracks must tilt down a little towards the back. As the tracks are supporting the weight of the door, if there are any adjustments to be made, don’t remove any fasteners, loosen them only and then retighten them once the adjustments have been made.

To ensure smooth operation the tracks must be clean and lubricated. Inspect the springs carefully, if you see any damage make sure the replacements are identical to the original springs. Even though it may only be one spring that has failed, replace them both so there is equal tension on both sides of the door.

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