Garage door repair and maintenance

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Garage Doors

A garage door is something that rarely gets any attention; that is until it starts to act up. Although garage door repairs in Newport will be required eventually there are a few things that you as the homeowner can do to keeping the door on your garage working well.

Like most things around the house, an annual inspection is always a good idea, by doing this you can catch any potential problems early and perhaps head off a major problem. Although the annual maintenance can be done by a reasonably competent homeowner many elect to hire a professional knowing that nothing will be missed. Beyond simple maintenance you will definitely want to call a professional to attend to any complicated repairs or repairs where specific skill and knowledge is a must. You can click here to get more information.

Let’s have a look at basic maintenance that a homeowner might be capable of doing.

* Give the tracks a thorough once=over, look for any evidence of damage such as dents. Minor issues can usually be corrected with a hammer but if there is serious damage the tracks will have to be replaced.

* It is important that the tracks be level to one another and they must be aligned perfectly. The vertical section of the tracks must be straight up and down, the horizontal section should tilt back slightly and the tracks must be level with one another. If they are not quite right the fasteners can be loosened and the tracks can be tapped into position.

* The tracks can easily fill with dirt and debris, they should be clean. You can remove dirt and dust with an old paintbrush; once the tracks are clean give them a light coating of lubricant.

* If you spot any loose fasteners tighten them.

If the problem is anything more than noted then a professional who does garage door repairs in Newport should be called in. if the electric garage door opener is malfunctioning and the safety reversal feature has failed, this is something that must be rectified as soon as possible. If this feature is not working you can easily damage your car or be the cause of an injury.

You should never attempt to replace the springs; this task is also one that must be tackled by a professional. The springs used to operate a garage door are under high tension and can easily be the cause of a serious injury.

Although you may be able to undertake simple maintenance tasks you will need a professional to make most garage door repairs in Newport.

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