What is the function of a concrete pump truck?

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

The principle employed with a concrete pump truck is actually quite simple and straight forward. Concrete is delivered to the job site by mixer trucks, the concrete is poured into a hopper on the rear of the pump truck and from there the concrete is delivered to where it is needed. The most common type uses a boom pump in Newport, this is a powerful pump that delivers the concrete through a series of cylinders or hose sections which can be extended and are supported by a moveable arm.

The drum on the mixer truck must constantly rotate; this prevents the concrete from setting up in the mixer barrel. The truck operator may have to add small amounts of water from an on-board source to keep the concrete mix at the desired viscosity. A concrete boom pump in Newport is not used to carry concrete; their only task is to pump the concrete from the mixer truck through the hose or pipe sections to the desired location. The concrete is emptied from the mixer truck into the bay or hopper of the pump truck as the boom pump is running, the concrete is delivered quickly from the bay at the same time it is dumped from the mixer truck.

The hose sections or pipe sections are extendable; they normally can extend from 15 metres to over 60 metres when fully deployed. The number of sections and the boom length is determined by the size of the pump truck, the boom can accordion into three or four sections for transport and delivery of the concrete. The boom length is the only deciding factor on how far the pump will be located from where the concrete is to be delivered. You can visit here to get more details.

Obviously the concrete is in a liquid state while it is being pumped, the pump power is taken by power take-off from the vehicles engine power. This is the case with large units however smaller pumps will often be powered by a stand-alone diesel engine. Diesel rather than gasoline engines are used for heavy duty work, they are powerful and yet they are economical to operate as well.

There are many benefits to using a boom pump in Newport to deliver concrete. The pump can be located at a distance from the delivery point and the concrete can be delivered to the middle of the slab pour which saves the contractor considerable cost of labour.

When delivering concrete to the pour position is a problem then a boom pump in Newport is the ideal solution. To discuss your concrete delivery and pour needs you are invited to contact South Wales Concrete Pumping.

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