Tips for Hiring Painters & Decorators in Bradford for a Commercial Job

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Painting

A commercial decorating job will require a great deal of thought on your part. Even if you plan on hiring project managers, painters & decorators in Bradford to assist with the job, preparation is essential. Regardless of the size of the job and where it will take place, whether it’s in a school or hospital, there are a few things you should be sure of ahead of going forward. From checking that the workers are fully insured to finding out if they have CHAS accreditation, you can feel confident that your money will be well spent by taking the following tips on board.

Does the Company Create Working Programmes?

The best way to stay on track with a commercial painting project is for a timetable or programme of some kind to be drawn up. A dependable company will offer to create a working programme for painters & decorators in Bradford, so that contractors and tradesmen can work as part of a team to meet deadlines. If the company shows a strong track record of doing this, you can put your trust in them for commercial painting jobs.

Is a Project Manager Allocated for the Job?

No matter what type of home improvement is about to commence, it’s important that you hire a project manager to assist. The hard work can be eliminated if you collaborate with the right painters & decorators in Bradford, because they will choose a project manager to oversee certain aspects of the job. The duties of a project manager will include planning and overseeing tasks, encouraging consistent communications, making material purchases that fit the budget and monitoring the job for quality assurance purposes.

How Well Do the Painters and Decorators Listen?

The only way that a trained painter or decorator will be able to turn your visions into reality is by listening intently to everything you have to say. This involves the colour scheme, the budget, the timeframe, etc. Ideally, a project manager will discuss things with you one on one. Communication and interpersonal skills are absolutely essential for someone in this line of work, as well as good verbal skills. Should a problem arise, the painters & decorators in Bradford will be able to resolve it in a timely manner without causing a disruption to the task at hand.

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