Understanding What is Required of Painters & Decorators in Leeds

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Painting

Is the peel painting off the walls in your home? Perhaps you are the owner of a commercial business and want to impress new and existing customers by giving the place a style overhaul? Whatever your reasons for hiring painters & decorators in Leeds, it’s imperative that you spend time looking for reliable workers before spending money on their services. Aim to find painting, building and maintenance specialists that perform the following duties, whilst using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Manual Labour

The time it takes for a job to be completed will affect how much it costs, which is why you should shop around for painters & decorators in Leeds who are able to perform manual labour efficiently. Ask the painting contractor if he or she plans on creating a program or timetable, so that communication between other tradesmen is straightforward and deadlines are met. Examples of the types of manual labour a painter decorator will perform include cleaning tools, gathering supplies and filling holes or cracks to make sure surfaces are ready for painting.

Preparing the Workspace

It will be difficult for painters & decorators in Leeds to work in a messy space. Not only will this hold the professional up but also, it will increase the risks of imperfections. A keen eye for detail is an essential quality for someone working in this field, who will strip old wallpaper, remove old paint, sand walls and thoroughly clean the workspace ahead of industrial or commercial painting. Aside from cleaning the workspace before the job commences, the tradesman will also tidy up once the job has been completed. This will involve packing away tools and supplies, like filler, paint, plaster and sealant.

Cleaning Tools

Tools will face a lot of wear and tear, therefore they must be cleaned properly by painters & decorators in Leeds. Paintbrushes in particular must be cleaned after every use because if liquids remain on the paintbrush, residue might end up being transferred to the wall that is being painted. Warm, clean water and soap will normally be used to remove water-based residue but when it comes to cleaning paintbrushes that have been dipped in oil-based products, paint thinner should be used. Find out exactly what the cleaning process is before working with the painter.

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