Top Signs that You Need Boiler Repairs Right Away

Posted By admin on Sep 22, 2016 |

Top Signs that You Need Boiler Repairs Right Away

Anyone who has a boiler can tell you that a boiler that is malfunctioning needs to undergo boiler repairs in Ferndown as soon as possible to not only prevented fatal accidents but stop small problems from becoming insurmountable ones as well. If you are someone who hasn’t had a boiler for very long, then you need to read on below for the top signs that you need to have your boiler repaired right away.

Odours that Aren’t Normal

One of the most common signs that something is wrong with your boiler is a smell that you aren’t used to smelling. If you smell anything unusual, and the smell leads you to the area that your boiler is in, you need to call a repairman right away. This odour is a problem that can lead to sickness for you and your family if it is not fixed right away.

Odd Sounds Coming from the Boiler

While it is common knowledge that your boiler is going to make noise when in operation, it’s not common for the noises to be hissing noises. Hissing noises can mean that the boiler is overheating, which warrants a fast call to your repairman. While the boiler is going to make noise, louder than normal noises need to be checked out right away.

Water Where There Shouldn’t Be Any

One sign that your boiler is under too much stress and is faulty is if water is collecting at the base of the boiler. If you see water running from your boiler, it’s best to shut it down and let a repairman have a look before you use it again.

These are just a few of the signs you should look out for when you have a functioning boiler in your home. For more information on boiler repair, you can contact Greenstar Property Services Ltd today.