Types and uses of Electrical Wheel Chairs

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Types and uses of Electrical Wheel Chairs

Electrical wheel chairs are also known as power chairs. Sick and disabled people use them to move around especially if their conditions have rendered them immobile. There are three main types of electrical wheel chairs in Bridgwater;

* Mid wheel powered wheel chairs – The wheel chair is disadvantaged for use on uneven surfaces as it is not very steady. The wheel chair’s functions are sort of tough also.

* Front wheel powered wheel chairs – They are commonly used by people who want wheel chairs to help them move around indoors.

* Rear wheel powered wheel chairs – It is very common and powerful. If you are looking for a wheel chair to help you manoeuvre on the outdoors, then this is the wheel chair for you. When you compare it with the front wheel chairs, it is not as flexible though it is more common.

Electrical wheel chairs in Bridgwater are either driven by gears or belts. Gear driven wheel chairs do not need much maintenance. Unfortunately, they wear out quickly and they make a lot of noise when moving. Belt driven electric wheel chairs need constant maintenance and are convenient to use. When moving, the wheel chair does not make noise.

Apart from disabled people, electrical wheel chairs can be used by;

* People who have just undergone major surgeries

* Sick people who find it difficult to walk

* People who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases

When it comes to children’s wheel chair, they are different from adult wheel chairs. For adult and children wheel chairs, you can find foldable, light, foldable or portable wheel chairs.

Electric wheel chairs are controlled by joysticks which help in tilting, seat elevation and leg elevation. Other controllers used together with the joystick include sack controller, hand controller and chin controller.

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