Types of Asbestos Demolition Survey Services in London

by | May 19, 2016 | Asbestos Removal

You may be concerned about the possible presence of asbestos in your home or workplace. Asbestos is a hazardous substance that often goes unnoticed without a deeper look at the structure of a building.

The best way to determine if asbestos is present is to have a professional London-based company do a detailed survey. You may require either a standard asbestos survey or asbestos demolition survey. These surveys will assess the presence of asbestos as well as the amount and condition of the present materials containing any asbestos. (These are known as asbestos-containing materials or ACMs).

Having a clear record of the asbestos in the building will help you assess the risks before doing any kind of repair, maintenance or demolition work. Once you know if any ACMs are present and the severity, you can create a plan to make any necessary repairs.

Standard Asbestos Survey
The most common survey type is often called a management survey. This level of service is done by a professional who will locate and assess any possible asbestos presence. He or she will then determine how much asbestos is present as well as the condition of the ACMs. For the most part, this type of survey can be done with minimal intrusion to the building’s structure. The report from this survey will tell you whether or not any immediate remedial action is necessary. A Blue A LTD professional from our team will help you determine the best next-steps after any assessment.

Asbestos Demolition Survey
If you think you have at least some asbestos present, a more comprehensive survey is known as a refurbishment and demolition survey. At Blue A LTD, we offer these surveys on a regular basis for our customers in the London area who are planning to have work done on a building or to have the entire building destroyed by demolition. This type of survey is completed before any work or demolition is done in a building that may have ACMs present.

The process of assessing the amount of asbestos in an asbestos demolition survey is more intrusive and may include removing or dismantling areas of the building. This may take place only in the area where work is to eventually be performed or it could be around the entire building.

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