Types of Double Glazing Frame Material

Posted By admin on Jul 24, 2017 |

Types of Double Glazing Frame Material

One of the requirements for a successful home improvement project is good planning. Part of the planning means researching the available options and then choosing the most ideal option for the material and services to use.

When it comes to window double glazing home improvement, the same applies. There are three main window frame materials available. To help you choose the best window frame material for your double glazing in Gravesend, here are the benefits of the three materials.

1. Timber

* Insulation – It is an excellent insulating material which offers excellent thermal efficiency. Installing timber frames for your double glazing in Gravesend helps you to reduce the energy costs in your home.

* Timber frames are authentically appealing. They have a traditional look that offers elegance and charm.

 * Customizable – Timber can be repainted to match your preference. If you have a remodelling project, you will only need to change the colour of the frames to match the new design but you do not have to buy new frames during every remodelling.

 * Long lasting – It can last for more than 50 years.

2. uPVC

 * Durable – uPVC consists of plastics so it is very strong and difficult to break. Since plastic can be easily shaped into different designs, uPVC window frames come in different designs.

* Affordable – They are cost effective but they have great performance and visuals.

* Low maintenance – You do not have to schedule maintenance routines for the uPVC frames, you only need to wipe off the dust and the material regains its beautiful appeal.

3. Aluminium

* Different finishes – Aluminium frames can be repainted into different colours and style like woodgrain.

* Strong – Due to their ability to accommodate large weight, they are used in commercial building with large windows.

Double glazing helps you save on energy bills. Would you like to work with an expert in double glazing? Talk to us at Deaves and Company Home Improvements today.