What is involved in asbestos removal?

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Asbestos Removal

If you own a home or a building in the UK you should be aware of legislation regarding asbestos. This is a substance that was banned in 1999 after it was found to be extremely hazardous and responsible for many deaths. Any home that could contain asbestos should ideally be checked by the homeowner for the health and safety of the occupants. This is particularly true for any landlord, as there is recently passed legislation holding the owner of a building liable for the safety of any tenants. Thus, it would not be an acceptable excuse to claim lack of knowledge about asbestos, and owners of buildings should arrange for a survey so that they’ll have definite knowledge as to whether their building is safe or not. There are several firms that are trained and licensed to carry out asbestos removal for your building in Bradford, and this is a responsibility that should be taken very seriously.

Finding out about the presence of asbestos,

Asbestos was considered a wonderful substance because it didn’t burn easily, which is why it was used widely in many buildings. Sometimes the substance can be found on roofs, or as cladding around a boiler or around pipes, and often this doesn’t pose an immediate threat. Just knowing that asbestos is in your home is a good thing as you can then make a decision as to what needs to be done. Experts in the field will be able to help by giving you advice. In some situations, the danger levels are considered low, and you may decide that nothing needs to be done for a while. However, the presence of asbestos will be noted by local authorities, and it will be earmarked for future disposal. You can visit here to get more information.

The first step is to arrange for a survey by professionals. This survey can be fairly thorough in a home, but it wouldn’t necessarily be invasive by drilling into walls unless the building was due to be demolished. The reason for this is that if the asbestos is in a place where it won’t be disturbed, the chances are that it might not be an immediate health risk. However, when extensive renovations are taking place or when an entire building is being knocked down, a survey will be far more extensive. Any asbestos found will have to be removed before disturbing the structure of the building, as asbestos fibres could be dislodged, which is the source of a health hazard.

Partnering with a professional firm

Most companies that are involved in asbestos removal will have well trained staff who will be experienced in the different forms of asbestos and how best to dispose of this. As it is a controlled substance, there is paperwork involved, which includes a full report that will detail the plan for disposal once this has been agreed upon. Staff involved in the process will be clad in protective gear, and may need to make the whole home or building airtight before they begin. The asbestos removed also needs to be handled with extreme care – with many companies insisting on double-bagging the substance – and there is legislation that governs the final discarding of the substance.

If your home or building was built in the last century, chances are that it might contain asbestos. For efficient asbestos removal from your Bradford property, contact ACS Health, Safety & Environment for expert assistance.

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