What You Should Know About Sash & Casement Windows in Edinburgh

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Home Improvement

As a property owner, there will be a few home improvements you will need to set aside some money for every decade or so, such as roof, door and window replacements. The windows on a property will have an aesthetic impact, as well as protect the occupants during a storm or harsh weather. Moreover, windows welcome natural light, so make a wise investment choice by hiring someone to fit sash & casement windows in Edinburgh. Before you do so, discover why these windows are so popular.

Enjoy a Wide Field of Vision

Sash & casement windows in Edinburgh, when fitted by a professional with relevant experience, will open fully. When compared to the restrained design of sliding windows, double hung windows and fixed windows, the benefits are clear – a lighter interior space and views of the garden. However, if you have small children it may be worth keeping them away from fully-opening windows of this kind.

Welcome a Breeze

Forget about turning up the air conditioning all of the time throughout the summer months, because you can cool down when you open sash & casement windows in Edinburgh. Unlike other windows, casement windows have a larger opening space and so, breezes will funnel through the property at all angles. In addition to this, these windows don’t take too long to install, due to the fact fewer muntins are required for installation.

Increase Safety

Whether you are planning on getting sash & casement windows in Edinburgh fitted on a residential or commercial property, you can guarantee that safety and security will heighten afterwards. This type of window is very sturdy therefore they are harder to break into. As a result, you won’t need to worry about trespassers and burglars slipping a pry bar beneath the sash and lifting it up like you might with double hung windows!

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