Emergency vet: when is it necessary to go?

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Veterinarian

Deciding if you need to bring your pet to the emergency vet should be an easy decision. As a pet owner, you should be able to identify critical situations that need to urgent treatments. Many pet owners choose to neglect their pet’s health which can lead to severe consequences in the future. Pets are usually oblivious to their own condition and they rely on their owners to make the right decision in critical situations.


If you have an active outdoor pet, they can be prone to getting bites from various other animals roaming around. Bite wounds can be very dangerous for pets if left untreated within the first few hours. Bite wounds can easily get infected and create serious complications for your pet. Snake bites are as dangerous to animals as they are to humans and should be treated immediately in an emergency vet right away. Prompt treatment can significantly reduce contamination and infection from spreading.


When your pet shows signs of fever, they should be treated immediately by a professional veterinarian. Some people may believe that they can treat it themselves using home remedy but this can be counterproductive. Allowing your vet to promptly treat the fever will help your pet recover as soon as possible. Neglecting a fever within your pet can easily lead to death if not treated.


Although bee stings on your pet can look hilarious but they can be very serious if not treated. Swelling around the face or neck region can easily block the windpipe and suffocate your pet. Your pet may also go into anaphylactic shock which will definitely need emergency care from your vet.

If find your pet experiences any of these issues, there are many emergency vets in Durham that provides immediate treatment for your pet.

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