Why you should install Double Glazed Windows in Esher

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Glazing

It is common to find a homeowner wondering whether to replace their single glazed windows with double glazed windows. The dilemma is very real as the cost of double glazed windows in Esher is more compared to single glazed windows. Some people are not aware of the immense benefits of double glazed windows. Let us have a look the benefits of double glazed windows.


It is a fact that the double glazed windows are more costly than single glazed windows but the value of these types of windows is quickly realized and mitigates some of the expense. These windows can be looked at as an investment, because they reduce the heating and cooling costs in your home saving you thousands of dollars in three to five years. During summer, home owners put curtains or blinders to reduce the heat and keep the heat out. Fortunately for you, your only concern is the light as they keep the heat out.

Improves your home

Some areas in your home are no-go-zones due to heat gain or loss. This limits the functional space in your home. For example, you would not consider placing a seat or bed next to the window if your home has single glazed windows. However, with double glazed windows, you can comfortably sit or sleep anywhere as you will not be affected by heat loss or gain. If you cannot fit your entire home with the windows, fit them in the living room or bedroom.

Sound proof

The windows keep the noise away so that it does not interfere with your peace of mind. Try them if you live next to a school, high traffic places, or noisy environs.

Value for your home

Buyers want ready homes where they do not need to change anything to improve its efficiency. A home fitted with double glazed windows is highly preferred and it sells for more.

Apart from comfort, a home should be efficient to reduce bills and increase its functionality. P & P Glass can install double glazed windows in Esher to help you have great windows.

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